Thursday 14 July 2016

Boris (the butcher) Johnson school of diplomacy

First despair then anger ................ and now trying to avoid asphyxiation as you hold your breath in with astonishment at the appointment of the new Foreign Secretary.

I know that I am not alone because politicians and government officials around the world are voicing their opinions, most notably the French Foreign Minister who generously called Boris a "liar with his back to the wall". See here: where a Guardian article does a neat roundup of world reaction.

BelperStuff can be of service here. If you are the diplomat who draws the short straw and has to undertake treaty negotiations or perhaps a definition of state relationship with Boris then it will be invaluable to know where it was he learnt his very distinctive style of diplomacy:

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It is a little known fact that Boris was a seldom seen cast member of Monty Python's Flying Circus; the only known excerpt where he can be clearly recognised is this still from:

The Zip Wire sketch

There is however one reason why we should be pleased that he has been given a senior government position .......... it will be much easier for him to deliver on his Brexit campaign promise. Come on Boris, this is your chance to prove the French Foreign Minister wrong .......... but I fear that Jean-Marc Ayrault's character assessment of Boris will be proven to be correct.

Boris and the Brexit campaign pledge

Meanwhile the former inhabitants of Downing street enjoy the rewards of their failure

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Christina Bennett said...

I have just discovered your blog and read with interest! So nice to see someone local blogging. Looking forward to reading more