Friday, 31 March 2017

A sad song for Remoaners

What a week. Just how significant will the letter be? Of course I am referring to the letter sent to the EU President to trigger Article 50 and the "inevitable" divorce of the UK from the EU. As the government has admitted, we have no way of knowing what will happen come 2019.

I have not seen any change in the facts so I have not changed my mind
Those who voted Remain in the EU referendum are branded the 48% whilst those of us who still argue that the vote to Leave was a mistake are branded Remoaners. I am told that I have to get over it and accept the will of the people ................... no, I'm not sorry to say that I will not. I respect their right to hold the views that they do but I too should be allowed to hold true to my own view. I am also regaled with exhortations that this is a time to pull together which reminds me of another famous letter, which, at the time was held aloft triumphantly with the words, "I have a little note" ............. and we know where that ended up. I mention this merely to point out that politicians can make mistakes, they do sometimes say things that turn out not to be true and some of their decisions, in hindsight, demonstrate a lack of understanding and wisdom.
Neville Chamberlain with his note from Herr Hitler
So, the process begins and Remoaners such as myself cast around for straws of comfort; still not quite able to believe that our country has fallen to nationalist ideology and xenophobia. OK, I will admit that there were many who voted Leave for what they considered to be higher ideals and I have many friends (yes I know that is hard to believe), many friends who I still respect who, none-the-less voted to leave the EU. They still believe in a better future despite so many indicators that show a belittling of our nation in the coming years following Brexit. To them I am a Remoaner who will one day be forced to realise that they were right and I was wrong.

A sad song for Remoaner

So, in a week of deep sadness I offer you this poignant Dylan song which sums up just how I am feeling. When listening to the song imagine that these are the words sung by a supporter of Brexit who is saddened that a loved one insists on continuing with the belief that it is better that the UK remains in the EU ...... a Remoaner.

For Ramona performed by Alan Price - link for those who receive the blogposts via email

I have chosen this wonderful version by Alan Price (ex the Animals) not least because you can follow Dylan's lyrics on the video. The twist is in the last line.

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