This page will explore the history, meaning and relevance of the philosophy that hides behind this rather misunderstood word ----- socialism. For some it is evil incarnate whilst for others it speaks of hope and a better life. It might seem perverse to start with Adam Smith but .......... why not.

Adam Smith is what I think of as a pick n' mix philosopher/economist as his ideas seem to be applicable to just about any political orientation. You generally find Tories referring to his principles of the free market but a careful study of his work provides the more intelligent reader with a variety of caveats and exceptions. His books are not exactly holiday reading but if you are looking for some killer quotes to add to your repertoire then taking a copy of The Wealth of Nations to the beach might prove interesting ................. well it was a bestseller in 1776. For a more gentle introduction to his ideas the internet is a rich source:

 Yes it's so easy to taunt a Tory with a well chosen quote from Adam Smith. It can be quite disorientating for those who have taken it on trust that he was in favour of red in tooth and claw capitalism.

Unfortunately his books are peppered with quotes that are just as handy for any right wing zealot so if you choose to leave "The Wealth of Nations" out of your beach bag then be careful not to direct seemingly left friendly quotes at a Tory who you suspect might just have read him. I wonder how many Belper Town Councillors have read Smith?

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