Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Belper Neighbourhood Plan - - - Public meeting at St. John's Chapel tomorrow (15/07/2015)

Yesterday evening I attended a Belper Civic Forum (BCF) meeting, specifically their steering group for the Neighbourhood Plan for Belper (NP4B).

During a lively and interesting session a consensus emerged that the BCF saw it's role as a facilitator and conduit for information to assist in the creation of the NP4B. The conversation was focused on the initial task of being an informed and useful participant in the Neighbourhood Plan for Belper public meeting which is being held at St John's Chapel, The Butts, Belper, DE56 1HX - 6:30 in the evening of Wednesday 15th July ......... that's tomorrow. This is a public meeting open to all.

Click on this sentence to open up the Belper Town Council notice of the meeting where you will find this agenda:
1.       Outline the situation regarding neighbourhood plans
2.       Elect a committee/working party
3.       To discuss items for a forthcoming agenda and date for subsequent meeting to take place

Whilst at the Civic Forum meeting I picked up one of their relevant leaflets and tried to paste it on this post but failed miserably so I have copied elements from the leaflet as you can see below:

Belper Civic Forum Leaflet

Why does our town need a neighbourhood plan?

King Street Belper (photo extracted from Belper Civic Forum leaflet)
A carefully assembled plan gives the community the chance for the first time to endorse and work with a set of guidelines for physical developments here for the long term - the next 20 years –
To work out where we want facilities such as retail, employment, leisure and housing.
A plan will mean we can avoid a repeat of some of the piecemeal and opportunist developments we have seen in recent years –

Green Lane car park - Deb chemicals - Derwent Street - Ward’s warehouse - Field Lane car park

A plan allows local people to add the fine grain of extra detail to the higher level strategic plans of the Borough Council – to enhance the unique character of Belper and Milford, and to give their seal of approval through a democratic vote on the Plan.

Your NP4B can provide a blueprint for Belper which includes (among other things) –

 Quality and location of building
Belper Mill complex (photo - Belper Civic Forum leaflet)
 Social sustainability
 Community well-being (inc allotments)
 Economy, jobs, tourism energy
 Transport
 Retail and town centre
 Energy

Further information -  mycommunity.org.uk www.belpercivicforum@outlook.com

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