Monday 17 August 2015

Songs of praise in Calais ............. an update

BelperStuff feels compelled to return to this issue once more as the show, aired last night on the BBC has been followed by the usual, polarised press coverage.

Those reading this blog outside the UK may not have access to BBC content so a look at these two YouTube videos will be of help in understanding what this is all about (for those who cannot see the video's embedded in the blog I first list the two video links) :

Segment of Songs of Praise from Calais
Service in the Calais migrant camp church

There is also this, surprisingly sourced by the Mail Online:

I have to admit that I am moved by these videos. I have no faith and am in no way a believer in anything religious but I can relate to a common humanity.

Reaction of the UK press

Some of the resultant headlines are depressingly predictable but  ........... not all of them.

How about this:

Daily Express - BBC Songs of Praise Calais Fury from viewers; definitely a newspaper for those who are easily infuriated. They even accused the BBC of trying to "brainwash Britain". Typical Daily Express sort of headline designed to appeal to those who suffer from untreated xenophobia.

or this:

Daily Mail - BBC stunt gone wrong complains that there was no singing recorded in the church and they also dug up a chap in the camp who complained that the BBC did not have permission to film there. The newspaper made no mention of where they themselves gained permission for their reporter to be in the camp. 

In contrast:

Daily Telegraph - Songs of Praise Calais review by Ed Powers. A well balanced report that reflects a range of views but in the end is full of ........ well ....... praise.


The Guardian ................ common link is Christianity the not too surprising piece by that well known priest Giles Fraser.

It would be a relief to those associated with BelperStuff if we could move on from this story, back to more comfortable facts and figures, graphs and charts ............. sustenance for the inner nerd. If only the problems of this world could be at the level of "Belper Town Council wants to ban buses from King Street" or the re-emergence of Mr Potato Head. Meanwhile, life goes on in that shanty town in Calais; refugees still hoping to gain a refuge and the chance of a decent life.

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