Wednesday 16 December 2015

National Health Singers ........................ fight for the NHS

A member of BelperStuff editorial team sent me a link to the National Health Singers on YouTube. I don't often mention the NHS even though I am very supportive ............ this is just not my area of expertise (I can almost hear the comment, "well what is your area of expertise"?) Anyway, here are the National Health Singers:

I don't think there is any need for me to add any words except for what is written beneath the video:

Published on 8 Dec 2015
'Yours' by the National Health Singers
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Proceeds will go to a number of UK medical charities.

The National Health Singers are a choir of NHS workers established in 2015 by junior doctors. We believe that every person has the right to NHS healthcare free at point of access and that right should never, ever be threatened.

Our message is simple:
Fight for the NHS
Fight for the junior doctors
Fight to keep the NHS Yours!

Please share our song and YOUR NHS stories and photos using #NHSYours

Contact your MP and raise your voice for your NHS!

Follow us on Twitter @NHSsing2survive - post us your photos 'Whose NHS?' #NHSyours

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Music & Lyrics by Clare Dove
Lyrics by Dr Sanju Arianayagam and Clare Dove
Musical direction and arrangement by Mark de Lisser
Produced by James Wallace
Film direction by William Walsh
Additional footage by Hannah Anketell @whatifnomad

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