Thursday 17 March 2016

Tory Disabled Website ...... disabled in protest at cuts

The Conservative Disability Group Website is rather interesting just now as this message is on display:

This website is temporarily closed owing to Disability Cuts.
The domain name will be transferred when the group secure new hosting.
The owner of the hosting package Graeme Ellis has resigned over disability cuts from the group and will no longer develop or host this site
This is the link: but I am not sure how long it will be before it is taken down.
Graeme Ellis is a life-long Tory voter but is disgusted at the latest round of disability benefit cuts. It seems a bit strange that the 10% across the board cuts inflicted on the disabled by the Tories in the last parliament was acceptable but it's better late than never if at least one Tory has to pay heed to his conscience. The latest cuts, according to a survey carried out by Labour will inflict cuts of £3,000 per year on 200,000 individuals whilst a further 400,000 will lose over £1,400 per year.
It is feared that these two prominent Tories suffer from a disabled compassion disorder
Googling this news throws up article after article highlighting the repugnance many people feel at this group once again being targeted after having been made to suffer so much in the past 6 years. This is but the tip of the iceberg of news articles condemning these cuts and you might like to take a look at this from the Daily Mail (quick - wash those contaminated typing fingers) Jeremy Corbyn says Osborne has declared war on the disabled.
There are many figures being bandied about but what is most disturbing is that this has become a sustained Tory attack on the principle enshrined in the Welfare State compact with the British people, that the disabled would be given assistance enabling them to have a standard of life as near as possible to that enjoyed by the able-bodied. Gains in social justice are being thrown away as this government pursues its underlying aim .......... to shrink the state and replace it with the chaos of market driven services. Unfortunately for the disabled they are not best suited to thrive in the society that is emerging. It is too easy to draw parallels with the scapegoating of disadvantaged groups in pre-war Europe ........... we are nowhere near that horror .......... but the hardship experienced by those less able to adapt to this Tory philosophy is none the less shocking.  

Then this

The Shadow Chancellor, John McDonald, has referred to George Osborne being, morally reprehensible"; specifically:

Overall, the Government's coffers are set to be boosted by nearly £4.2 billion ............. due to a combination of tax increases and spending cuts.

Mr McDonnell said: "One-third of cuts will fall on people with disabilities - I find that morally reprehensible".

And Finally

Zac Goldsmith, the Richmond MP who is the Tory candidate for Mayor of London voted for the cuts even though he was the patron of Richmond Aid, a local disability charity ......... and duly reported in his local newspaper. He has subsequently had to resign that patronage. 

Later post edit:

The government disinformation machine rolls on. A blog reader has drawn my attention to this:

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