Sunday 8 May 2016

Changes to BelperStuff

It has been a concern that BelperStuff has a recognisable political leaning yet supports activities which are distinctly non-political such as the Neighbourhood Plan 4 Belper. There had to be a degree of separation and the best way to achieve this would seem to be to change the design and structure of this blog. So .................. 

New Neighbourhood Plan 4 Belper tab

Yes look at the tabs above. By clicking on the Neighbourhood Plan 4 Belper tab you will be taken to another parallel blog devoted solely to NP4B. You can also go directly to this blog (thus avoiding BelperStuff entirely) by typing into your search engine:

The NP4B blog has just been created and so far only contains the May press release but it will be populated with other material asap.


New SERA blog tab

This is in the planning stage and will be going live this month.

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