Tuesday 23 August 2016

Labour leadership candidates answers to SERA's questions

Both leadership candidates have now supplied their answers to the Labour Environment Campaign (SERA) questions.

This is Jeremy's response

.......... and this is Owen's

I will leave you to make up your own minds but on first reading there doesn't seem to be much difference in their answers. Being the cynic that I am I do actually wonder who it was who penned these responses.

SERA Campaign

The SERA Breath of fresh air campaign is referenced in the answers and this is the link to the relevant pdf.

This is a national initiative yet many of the levers of change are accessible at local level. for instance, the task of monitoring air quality is undertaken by local authorities which for us is Amber Valley Borough Council. Upon investigating their air quality annual reports I discovered that Bridge Street in Belper, despite being a key monitoring location has not been tested since 2008. The records show that there was a 10% increase in certain classes of air contaminants between 2004 and 2008 even though the readings were still below the maximum permissible standards.

The next step should be to read the SERA fresh air pdf and you might also find this SERA article by Samantha Heath - Campaigning against polluted streets to be of interest.

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