Friday 5 June 2015

Fifty shades of blue - - - a Belper News article

It's a rare thing to find an article like this in the Belper News so BelperStuff felt compelled to bring it to your attention:

Fifty Shades of Blue link

...... 'nuff said.

After post edit: I know I wrote 'nuff said but thinking about this article in the Belper News I realised that I am not in full agreement ............ yes I deplore what the Tories now feel empowered to do but I do not see 2020 as the year that Labour dies. There are many of us in the party who will do our damndest to make sure that this does not happen. The way forward must be to continue to fight against inequality and injustice but do it in such a way that we have a credible alternative, positive plans for the country, our people, the environment and our economy. We are not short of good ideas even if our "leaders" seem to be a tad short sighted.

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