Tuesday 12 January 2016

Neighbourhood Plan for Belper ........... January 2016 update

I have received a newsletter from the NP4B team  - link to their website where it can be read:


The magic of  a Belper Jitty
The website also contains full contact details.

I don't want to just rehash what's in the newsletter but I think it worth making a few general points. The public meetings are a really important part of this venture as it gives a chance for those who live here to have their voices heard on a variety of topics. In fact the NP4B team have adopted this as their byline:

Your Town - Your Plan - Your Future

For those of you who are uncertain what this is all about then it might pay you to refer back to earlier posts about NP4B and here is the link:

NP4B posts on BelperStuff

No bus stops here in the evening or on a Sunday - Laund Hill

Public meeting 27th January - Community and Leisure

The first meeting is to discuss Community and Leisure and will be led by the facilitator for this theme, John Devine. This topic includes leisure, education, younger/older/disabled, health, social sustainability ........... so a lot to get your teeth into there. This meeting will be held on the 27th Jauary at No. 28 on the Market Square at .... I suppose ..... 19:30. (I will post a correction if I have that wrong)

Public meeting February 10th Travel and Transport

The second meeting is for Travel and Transport and will include anything associated with getting about in Belper (or trying to escape) ........ so that's on foot via footpaths and jittys, cycling, public transport, outer estates and of course roads and traffic ........... not forgetting car parks. This meeting will be held at the Milford Community Centre on the 10th February. A great venue as it has a bar. The evening will be hosted by the Infrastructure facilitator ...... John Porter.

The full list of meetings mentioned in the newsletter are:

27th January at No 28 Market Place –   topic Community and Leisure
10th February at Milford Social Club  – topic Transport and infrastructure
24th February  at No 28 Market Place –  topic Parks and Green open spaces
2nd March at Far Laund Scouts Centre – topic Built environment and housing
16th March No 28,Market Place – topic Culture and heritage.
30th March  No 28 Local economy and employment.

I for one am looking forward to the built environment and housing meeting on 2nd March. I wonder how many the scout centre can hold?

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