Saturday, 2 January 2016

Then the tide rushes in .....................

It becomes ever more tiresome to write blog posts that are little more than tirades agin Tories, railing against the insufferable arrogance of an elitist group in Westminster as they dance to the strings of their paymasters ........... or the local conservative foot soldiers and their distorted understanding of the nature and needs of our society. In the past week, whilst writing more in this vein the tedium of such negativity took its toll and my mood plummeted. If it depresses me to write such stuff then what must it be like for you the reader? If this compulsion to share my thoughts via BelperStuff continues and there remains just one person desperate enough to feel the need to read the blog then surely it would do us all a great favour if I try to make the experience more uplifting. There has to be a better way.

The Moody Blues ........ Then the tide rushes in

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Then the tide rushes in and washes my castles away .............. my castles of criticism. So last week's blogposts have not been uploaded but languish as drafts as my thoughts turn to something more upbeat to write about. I have a feeling that they might yet surface but until then how about this:

Lithium-Oxygen – the Next-Generation Battery

Research at Cambridge University heralds a great leap forward for our use of alternative energy; more specifically the ability to store solar or hydro energy for peak use. Have a look at this link: article in the Wall Street Daily. In true capitalist fashion this journal merely looks at the opportunity for investors but we fully appreciate what this signifies for our planet ......... don't we? The day when we can store the energy of the sun in the daytime and use it when we most need it, in the early mornings and later in the evenings. The power of tides, rivers and wind will finally become prime providers of electricity and we will be able to break the shackles that bind us to oil, coal and gas ............ no more a carbon economy.  Oh and we can forget about the nuclear option.

With the research being undertaken in energy storage (Tesla and Dyson to name but two of the other players) you get the sense that we are on the threshold of a major breakthrough. 2015 was the year of announcements in research and intent ............... 2016 will be the year of ............ dare we hope for achievement.

The catalyst is of course global warming but for anyone who sees events through the prism of historical materialism stuff happens despite the best efforts of those who are only motivated by self interest. The inexorable advance from fossil to renewable energy cannot be thwarted by governments or distortions of the marketplace but is an inevitable consequence of the needs of our planet and its peoples. It may look bleak at times as the misguided Cnuts of governments and finance houses try to hold back the waves ............... but then the tide rushes in.

A later edit

There has been comment about the word "Cnuts". I hasten to clarify that this is a reference to King Cnut (sometimes spelt Canute) and not a misspelt adjective. I was in fact referring to the popular myth that Cnut thought he could hold back the incoming tide. The truth is however different: Link to Wikipedia article - King Canute and the waves

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