Monday, 11 April 2016

Neighbourhood Plan for Belper ........... April 2016 press release

BelperStuff is pleased to post the latest NP4B press release.

APRIL PRESS RELEASE FOR Neighbourhood Plan for Belper - NP4B



Public consultations and publicity to ask for comments from business, residents and interest groups have been going on throughout the spring. More than 100 members of the public have attended the consultations and many written comments have been received.
These are now being collated and identified issues are emerging. For example; in the feedback from “community and leisure” there is agreement that Belper needs a better defined “community hub” for networking and information sharing about all local activities. Views were also expressed that we do not make enough of the River Derwent on our doorstep.
As the facilitators from the first round of meetings are collecting local opinion they are publishing detailed reports on the planforbelper website.

The next feedback meetings are as follows;

7.30pm Wed 13th April at Milford Social Club . topic COMMUNITY AND LEISURE

7.30pm 20th April at Strutts Community Centre Rm 14.  topic ENERGY
                       & INFRASTRUCTURE [first meeting]

7.30 pm 27th April at Alton Manor Community Centre.  TRANSPORT AND TRAVEL

Please come along to hear the feedback and join in the discussion.

A note from BelperStuff

As regular readers of BelperStuff will know this is an intensely political blog with, shall we say, a recognisable bias towards the left (well raise my rent - I had no idea). The exception to this are entries to do with the NP4B. No comment is made about the activities of this group because the neighbourhood plan is not political ................. perhaps a better way of describing it is to say that NP4B tries to embrace opinions and ideas from anyone living, working or studying in the town from whatever political, religious, ethnic or identity point of view.

BelperStuff carries NP4B posts so as to help publicise the meetings and work of the group. Other sources of information are Belper NewsBelper Nailed and the NP4B website.

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