Monday 11 May 2015

BelperStuff might close .............. but!

BelperStuff  was conceived to offer a counter narrative to the lack of a Labour voice in our local newspapers. We have struggled to get letters printed and articles accepted though the Tories seemed to have no trouble. Now though, I am struggling to find a role for this blog in the post election environment. Only 15 hits yesterday and 5 of those must have been me, from my initial post and subsequent online edits. The effort involved is considerable but if there is so little readership then my time would be better spent elsewhere. So, the future of the blog is in doubt.

There is a suite of statistics available to the author of a blog such as:

United Kingdom
United States
New Zealand
For some reason a single views in Singapore and Russia have disappeared from these stats! What seems to be missing is the number who choose to have new blog posts sent to their email inbox so I have no idea how many are reading the blog but not visiting the blog site. (Have you noticed the box requesting the blog to be emailed to you?)
In the two weeks up to the election BelperStuff averaged 100 hits per day which was made possible by those in the know sharing the link through social media (a big thank you to them). Another stat that might be interesting to the more geekier end of the blog's readership logged the type of device used to access the blog:

It goes on to list search engines and the like which may be of interest to some (Google Chrome far exceeded MS Internet Explorer by a factor of 10:1). I am astonished to see that someone must be using a Blackberry Playbook.

All this is waffle. The fact remains that I am struggling to justify the time spent on this blog. Obviously I'm not at my best, in fact I have started to look more like my painting in the attic and that must be something to do with my sadness and feeling of powerlessness following the election defeat. I have resisted posting my take on the reasons why the vote went as it did because there are so many supposed "experts" justifying their paid positions on newspapers and television and you really don't need my voice to be added to theirs. It never ceases to amaze me how a journalist can be full of an idea before the election then overnight come out with views that are so radically different. Do they suffer from "what I wrote last week amnesia"? It's words like this from Owen Jones in the Guardian that offend me. That young man must learn to be more consistent. I have read one article that impressed me though, and that was from a Green Party member: link to Molly Scot Cato in the New Statesman (no I do not intend to become a Green as I've been a Labour green for years).

It's not that I don't have ideas. I know what I want to write as, sadly, there are far to many targets of injustice, poverty and inequality that it's sometimes difficult to determine what comes first. Nor do I lack inventiveness as I enjoy coming up with offbeat ways of looking at things by setting myself what sometimes feels like an impossible task to link disparate thoughts and to blend such skeins of thought into a successful post. It's easy to ride a punctured bicycle whilst eating a custard tart but try doing that underwater with your mother-in-law sitting on the crossbar.

Whilst I have been writing this post a comment has been sent to me by a BelperStuff reader alerting me to this webpage : link to Loughborough University Media Centre election coverage analysis which is very illuminating. Their methodology looks sound as they have tabulated all political references on TV and printed news and weighted it either negative or positive towards the respective political parties. Surprise, surprise .......... Tories massively positive with all other parties, especially Labour suffering from an overwhelming slew of comments against them. Click on the link and scan down the page (thereby gaining a trust in their methodology) until you reach this:

There is an article in the New Statesman, link to 10 delusions article which warns against giving an analysis like this too much credence but the author, one Ian Leslie should hang his head in shame. This stuff matters.

Thank you kind reader for sending me the Loughborough link. Perhaps I should carry on with the blog after all.


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