Thursday 7 May 2015

I just voted Labour - a humbling experience

In fact my wife and I voted early this morning before breakfast ........... a breakfast that was interrupted by a knock on the front door. There stood an elderly lady in a mac looking a bit lost. "I'm so sorry to disturb you but I've forgotten where the polling station is", she said. "No need to worry, I'll show you", says I, realising that she had knocked on our door because of the many posters supporting Labour plastered over our windows. As I walked with her to a place where I could point to the building that housed the polling station she told me about her memory problems and how she had started to forget things, "I've voted here many times before but I just cannot remember where it is". So, at the corner of the road, with the polling station just a few doors down, we parted; a lovely smile and a thank you from her and me feeling good about myself ........

...................... but how humbling, an elderly lady struggling with a failing memory but determined to cast her vote. Still involved, still active and looking with hope towards the future because that is what a vote represents, your hope for the future ............ even though your awareness of the present is slowly dimming. What a wonderful woman.

If there is anyone reading this blog in the UK who has not felt inclined to vote then think of  this dear lady's example.

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