Saturday 2 May 2015

I have to share this email with you

I received an email from a determined young lady, a recent recruit to Belper & Duffield Labour Party and thought you might be interested. She wrote:

Dear BelperStuff,

All rugged up and raring to go
I have just joined the Labour party and was really pleased that my mum let me go canvassing on Thursday evening on the Parks Estate. We met some really nice people and I learnt a lot from the discussions on the doorsteps. It was a chilly evening so while we waited for all our fellow Labour Party members to arrive we sat in a nice warm car. I was well rugged up because, being only eight weeks old I have to be careful ............. well that's what my mum says. That's her in the picture. When the others arrived we set off along some pleasant streets and knocked on loads of doors (actually mum did that because I couldn't reach). I was sometimes distracted by barking dogs but I knew I was safe in my mum's sling thing. I was very pleased that people seemed interested in what I had to say. At first I was worried that they would not understand me because I'm still getting the hang of this talking malarkey but I found it surprisingly easy to get their attention.

You will not be surprised to learn that my main concern is the NHS because over the past few months I have had many chances to see them in action. My mum dragged me along to see the doctors and nurses loads of times and I felt really confident about what eventually happened to me in March. Mum seemed pleased as well though she kept saying that the NHS should be saved and it's only in the last 8 weeks that I have realised that she was referring to the Tory plans to sell it off. To be honest that was all a bit over my head at first but I'm starting to understand it all now. It seems to be a really big problem but I have been told that the solution is to vote Labour as they have promised to sort it out.

I think they want to have a go with my dummy
I am looking forward to doing more of this political stuff because it's all about my future. Mum just told me not to forget that the Labour Party cares a lot about other age groups as well and we met lots of people who were loads older than even my mum. Come to think about it, everyone is older than me. There are even some funny looking ones with stuff on their chins. Mum says that I'll never have to worry about that as I am going to grow up to be one of the smooth face people. Apparently they are paid less than the hairy faced ones but I find that hard to believe so am not put off, basically because I have no idea what "paid" means. There  was a  really nice smooth face person canvassing with us and I think her name was N-i-c-o-l-a. I like the sound of that. She was asking people to vote for her. Can't wait for the day when I will be allowed to vote. I was disappointed that at eight weeks old I am too young ........ but I'll be nine weeks old on May 7th so perhaps there is still a chance.

Mum and me with N-i-c-o-l-a
Back home mum let's me share her computer and we have started to read this new blog, BelperStuff. I fell asleep reading all those words about the Greens but I was fascinated by that bit about a bloke called Stephen Hawking. I told mum that I am now determined to study theoretical physics even though I have no idea what a boy band is ............ to be honest I'm still a bit hazy on what a boy is ............ and mum said that it'll be ages before I get interested in that sort of thing but a girl can't be too careful can she. I learnt that I only have one heart and I don't want it to get broken.  I am a bit concerned though as on one doorstep a young bloke told us that he was worried about studying because he didn't want to end up with a debt of sixty thousand. I don't know what a "debt of sixty thousand" is but it sounds really unpleasant so I want to avoid that. N-i-c-l-a said that voting Labour would lower that sixty thousand which is apparently a good thing so I'm glad I joined the party.

I can't write anymore because my mum says that she has to do something to me that is ............. well I don't have to go into all that ............ a girl has to have some pride.

Lots of love .................... Rowan

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