Friday, 8 May 2015

What becomes of the broken hearted?

That is the question this morning, what becomes of the broken hearted?

Link to the wisdom of Jimmy Ruffin

Please forgive me for being somewhat businesslike in the way I write this morning but I have just sat through hour after hour of ever more painful news. Not even regular doses of real ale could provide an adequate level of anesthetic. So, here is my initial response to the title of this post in report format:

  • Well done Nicola. We knew that victory in Mid Derbyshire was a lot to expect but you have increased the Labour vote by 549. In this Tory shire that is a real result.
  • With 9 results still to be declared the national change of votes when compared with 2010 is:

UKIP    + 9.5%
SNP      + 3.1%
Green    + 2.8%
Labour  + 1.4%
Tory      + 0.7%
LibDem - 15.1%
  • Despite the emergent headcount in parliament Labour increased their vote at double the rate achieved by the Tories. This may be cold comfort but the Tory victory is not as comprehensive as they would like to make out.
  • We still have hope that the obvious toxic effect of nationalism will not affect our borough and town council results. There is still hope.
  • So, what does become of the broken hearted ......... they mend that heart and carry on the fight.

More from me later today once the borough results are known ............ but ......... in the meantime, for those of you reading this blog in foreign lands (and the stats that are visible to me show that BelperStuff  is read in 12 countries) here is a link to a video that explains the unique idiotic way we Brits go about choosing a government : Link to The British electoral system video for non-brits.

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