Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Yesterday a humble blog ............... now head honcho of DfID

I have decided to take my name off this blog as it is far too parochial for one such as myself. At last my integrity and selflessness have been rewarded with a plum job and the whole world is waiting for my first brilliant scheme aimed at improving the planet, a place where deserving people can be enriched.

Unfortunately, in some peoples minds I am being confused with this chap: link to Guardian article on Grant Schapps appointment to the DfID.

Yes, unfortunately there are some who think that's me but I can assure you this Michael Green, (that's me by the way - the founder of BelperStuff blog) has nothing to do with the Grant Schapps chappy who sometimes went under the name of Michael Green.

However, by an amazing coincidence I too have been promoted to a new job heading a department with the acronym, DfID but in my case these initials stand for the Department for Idiot Detention.
I had to undergo a selection process to get this job but as they said at the interview, I was obviously the ideal candidate for I display that rarest of talents (apparently), the talent of TOTKO. I smiled when they said that and tried to hide the fact that I had no idea what they were talking about. It's only when I made it home and was able to employ my amazing IT skills on the interweb thingy that I discovered that TOTKO is short for "takes one to know one". I'm still not sure what that means and its relevance to my new job but I suppose that I'll figure it out sometime.

Obviously I will be very busy with my new job so I'll be handing over the reins of BelperStuff to a.n.other.  I had intended introducing them today but just at this minute they are outside in the garden burning my editor's chair as the smell of the spilt beer stains was making them feel somewhat lightheaded.


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